Yamhill County, Oregon


Innovators and hard work are at the heart of its foundation…

The tradition of innovation continues...


Yamhill County is home to a new generation of makers and creators.

What is Innovate Yamhill?

The Innovate Yamhill initiative brings our school, community and businesses together to learn the skills and mindsets of innovation that are needed to drive economic growth in our region. Here are some things we’re doing:


Connecting people to possibilities.


Agriculture and viticulture is at the heart of our Yamhill economy. But new digital technologies is shaping these sectors as never before, allowing us to be smarter, faster in order to reduce costs and improve yields. A whole new field called Ag Tech is emerging. We need to prepare our future farmers to be at the forefront of these advances.


Our manufacturing sector employs more people than any other sector. But new production technologies and a new field called Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming every aspect of manufacturing. To continue to grow and keep ourselves at the cutting edge of new markets, Yamhill needs employees that are empowered with the skills and mindsets of innovation.


In an innovation economy, the creative sector is emerging as a critical component to fuel long-term economic growth. The creative sector brings together designers, coders and makers to continually develop new solutions that drive business opportunities. Yamhill, with it’s long history as innovators, is developing new potential everyday.

Who we are…

Industry Professionals

Industry Professionals

Local businesses impacting big change.

Offering expertise and mentorship to help solve our complex problems.



Challenging young minds to discover tomorrow's solutions.

Learning to see ourselves as creative innovators, beyond the limits of the classroom.



Improving the way we teach, communicate, learn.

Providing the tools for students to unlock their potential as creative problem solvers and innovators.



We are everyday people... Like you and I.

Supporting our students and community, developing ideas, and enacting change.

Our Stories & Experiences

Austin Family Grant for Innovate Newberg

Newberg High School, along with assistance from the Chehalem Valley Innovation Accelerator and Innovate Yamhill County, applied for and received a grant  to expand its CTE/STEM innovation initiatives from the Austin Family Foundation. Taking a lesson from other...

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Dallas Make-a-thon Video!

Andrew Schafer, Ben Eastlund and Logan Kumnick are three autodidacts with a passion for videography.  As 8th graders at LaCreole, they took on opportunities to highlight activities at school throughout the year and LaCreole was able to provide tools and an audience...

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Dallas Oregon’s First Make-a-thon

On Saturday, November 4, 2017, LaCreole Middle School, held the first ever community-led make-a-thon in Dallas, Oregon. The idea was brought to the community by A.J. Foscoli, the economic development director for Dallas and a seasoned veteran of previous Innovate...

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i3 Centers: the future of education

It all began with a crazy idea. What if we transformed a 10,000 square foot ag shop at Dayton High School into a new space, a multidimensional makerspace built around an ideation lab. A place where all students felt a sense of belonging, regardless of their interests?...

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What is Agile?

The word, “agile”, is thrown around a lot these days. But what does it mean and why is it used so often?  We all know the standard dictionary definition: “to be able to move quickly and easily”. But there is a new definition that is having a profound impact on our...

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Innovate Initiatives

Partnerships in the Community

Working together to create tomorrow



Educators, students, businesses, government and community leaders



We are working together to create an inclusive innovation-based economy



We are committed to creating new opportunities for our communities



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