Last Saturday we launched a regional drone challenge at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. Over 40 students, teachers and industry professionals from around the region came together to map out the next steps for launching the Willamette Valley Drone Challenge. The teams learned about innovation culture and were introduced to the Agile methodologies and other best practices that are used by high-growth companies to manage the innovation process.

Each of the teams are now going back to their community to define a particular problem that they want to solve using drone technology. In the next meeting, scheduled for November 12th, they will present their problems and then begin to learn about different drone technologies and platforms that they can use for their prototypes.

This drone challenge is being organized by Innovate Oregon, in partnership with the Evergreen Museum. The challenge is being developed to prototype new opportunities for cross-district collaboration that is essential for building new agile-based learning ecosystems that can support students in their quest to learn the mindsets and skillsets needed for a new innovation economy.